Sunday, June 22, 2008

Future of Food and Drink Industry conference keynote speaker

Future of food prices. Reasons for high wheat prices -- Australia drought, emerging markets, more people eating meat, biofuels etc. Food emotions in consumers and food scares -- product recalls. Debate over use of food, food for fuel, food dumping, subsidised foods, animal welfare, pesticides and fungicides. Customer focus in food and drink industry. Role of media in revelation. Dioxin scare in Belgium -- impact on Italy. Food for health and prevention of disease. Genetically modified food for increased yields. Land use changes and government farming subsidies -- GAT and trade barriers for food import. Ban on food exports and food riots. Image of food and winning trust of consumers. Impact of large retail chains on retail food and drink markets. Impact of urbanisation in China, India and Africa. Growth of global food market. Impact of rising food prices (wheat, soya, rice) on poorest consumers leading to political unrest, and possible changes in government. Huge impact of energy industry on food prices with biofuel industry growth. Future of farming and food dumping. Sustainability and sustainable food production. Food production efficiency and use of fertilisers. Futurist video by Patrick Dixon, conference keynote speaker for Irish Food Board -- Bord Bia.
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Paperless office? Future of paper newspapers magazines books

Paperless office -- reality. Advantages of paper -- resolution, contrast, convenience, able to write on it. Digital paper and scree resolution of electronic books. Future of plastics and competition with paper and cardboard in food and drink industry. Manufacturing demand for packaging. Resuseable cartons and recycling. Paperless office future trends? Why paperless offices slow in coming. Future of direct mail and future of paper directories. Biological reasons why paper reading speed faster than screens. Human eye bandwidth and brain processing speed. Electronic books and digital paper. Why books and other paper products will have longer life than people think. Future of paper and cardboard packaging in China, India, emerging markets, America and the EU. Impact of new technology on paper use. Newsprint market and newspaper readership trends -- decline in EU, growth in India. Use of paper and cardboard in Africa. Growth of middle class consumers. Future of newspapers, magazines and books. Paperless office trends -- reality. Paper consumption per person per year. Global market for paper. Exports newsprint from Russia, South America, India and China. Future of logistics, supply chain management, packaging and distribution. Energy costs in paper industry. Video on future of paper industry by Futurist Patrick Dixon, conference keynote speaker for Paper Industry conference in Sweden. Future of forestry and sustainable forestry -- link to paper industry. Verifiable forestry, reduction in energy use, chemical use, water use. Growth of online advertising revenues and fall of traditional advertising. Future of online newspapers and news sources. RFID technology in supply chain and intelligent packaging plus intelligent paper.
Paper industry, packaging, cardboard, recycling, forests, forestry, newspapers, magazines, books, future, sustainable, sustainability, energy, paperless, intelligent, rfid, plastics

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