Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Agile Leadership: strategy overtaken by events, scenarios etc

Why we need agile leadership: corporate strategy is often overtaken by
events.  Need for smarter forecasting,
faster strategic thinking, more agile leadership, dynamic teams, faster change
management programmes. Keynote on Managing Uncertainty and risk management. Why
boards need more than one strategy. Scenario planning, forecasting.
Corporations are vulnerable to major shocks – political, global economy,
environment, climate change or other factors ranging from volcanic eruptions to
the Arab Spring, or disruptions to supply chains, logistics failures, manufacturing
disruption, unexpected competitor action or product innovation. Example: impact
of energy prices on future of aviation and global travel. Keynote on leadership
and future travel industry trends for American Express / TAP in Moscow, by
Patrick Dixon, conference speaker.
Future of hotels, airlines and travel agents – innovation in the travel
industry.  Future of business travel and
leisure travel.