Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How to make change happen - strategic transformation by harnessing passion - presentation for MBA elective by Dr Patrick Dixon

How to make change happen - strategic transformation by harnessing passion

Most audiences I speak to - senior executives in the largest multinationals - recognise that there is a real crisis at work, and that a large number of their staff are disconnected from the mission of the business.

I often refer to a recent UK survey showing that 60% of 25-35 year olds cannot see any real purpose in what they do at work, and 90% of 35-45 year olds want to get out of conventional business jobs.

70% of 25-35 year olds say they are having a quarter life crisis and are thinking radical thoughts about their own futures.

While this was only a UK survey, most audiences say that they recognise a similar process of rethinking going on inside their own countries and their own companies (to one degree or another).

It is affecting the war for talent. A growing number of corporations are now offering a better work-life balance as part of the reward package to persuade people to join or not leave - and are now trying to work out how to deliver on the promise.

The reasons for these changes in attitude are complex but their impact will be profound.

Business School MBA elective programme on Strategic Transformation. The crisis of purpose in business today and why most people don't care about your strategy or the future of the corporation. How to persuade people to change. How to connect with the passions people have for a better life. Reasons why people don't change. How to create effective leadership and ownership of your corporate strategy.

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